Salvation comes to Ukraine

In the midst of a full out war raging in the nation of Ukraine. Men and women are rising up from nations across the globe in the boldness of God’s spirit to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are only given one life to live and one light to shine, so why not shine this light in the darkest places on the earth? March 6th, 2022 was the day the spirit of the lord beckoned me to take heart, be courageous and take a plane to Poland to meet with a team and preach the gospel to the Ukrainian refugees fleeing for their lives. The only way this missionary journey could be likened too, is like a special forces operation for the kingdom of heaven. The gospel is urgent, and the people God sends must be a people of urgency too, no matter the cost, even if it is your own life. We must be mobile in carrying our cross for Jesus no matter where it may be. This moment I was called to carry my cross into the edge of a war zone, both physically and spiritually.

More than 1.45 million people have left the country since Russia began the invasion into Ukraine, marking the biggest movement of people in Europe since World War II. For nine days I had the honor to preach the gospel of Christ from sun up to sun down with some of the most on fire Evangelist’s in the world. Our teams on the ground recorded over 7,747 salvations both in Poland and on the inside of the Ukrainian border. This number is still rising daily as there are still teams faithfully reaping the harvest on the ground both in Poland and in the Ukraine even as write this.

Upon my arrival in Poland, I was honored to lead a team of Evangelists from all over Europe in multiple outreaches. One of the stratigies that the ministry teams devised were train crusades. Thousands of families and even young girls and boys traveling alone, would ride the train fleeing from the war into Poland. The train rides are long and sometimes so packed there is only room to stand. Every train we boarded was filled with broken, famished, and sleep deprived men and women and children traveling for days in desperate hope to reach safety and security in a neighboring nation. It was a constant scene of brokenness. Although the times were filled with sorrow, we still serve a living Jesus, not a theoretical Jesus. Hour after hour, day after day, me and my team would march from one end of the train to the other preaching the message of Jesus, healing the sick and laying hands for people to be delivered. Mighty waves of revival swept from wagon to wagon at the preaching of the gospel. We took the words of Evangelist Reinhard Bonkke to heart, “Pray then preach, pray then preach.” It was a spiritual battle being waged for restless hours. Because of the Holy Spirit we had the victory to preach and proclaim the clear and simple gospel of christ. The message of the cross still saves my friend, it still gives hope, even to people in war.

As my time was concluding in this missions journey, I was given the opportunity to travel deeper into Ukraine and live inside the Ukraine border for four days. This was where the plowing truly began. Thousands of refugees would flee daily through the border on foot and on buses. The gospel is so pure and simple that all it takes is three minutes to share and the power of the message cuts the hearts of those listening. Every time we open air preached hundreds would raise their hands at the urgency of making a decision to receive salvation in Christ. Ukrainian refugees and Gypsies altogether received the gospel with hope and warmth of heart clinging to their need of Jesus. The sight of seeing people leaving all they have, yet gain everything in Christ was a gift so rich I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. This is the power of the gospel, the preaching of the only name under heaven in which men can be saved by (Acts 4:12).

The time I spent there helped me arrive to a stark conclusion. There were two wars that were being waged in Ukraine. The first war was over the soil of the Ukrainian people. The second war was over their souls. The war between death and life, sin and salvation, eternity with christ and eternity without christ. I had to go, we all must go, the cost is great but the reward is even greater. There is a crown on the other side of the cross and until our time comes we must bear our cross with faith and love. This is the beginning to a mighty revival coming to the slavic people and it began on the busses, train stations and streets of refugees in Ukraine and Poland.

Ministry Partnerships: (Listed below is some of the ministry teams that my ministry partnered with on the field both in Poland and Ukraine)

  • Christ for all Nations
  • Jesus Image
  • Awakening Europe
  • Jesus Place
  • Heart Ignited Ministries

A line of refugees waiting to cross the border into Poland. Here is where me and my team would preach the gospel in the style of open air preaching and lead people to salvation in Christ. Many people would receive salvation and deliverance in these lines!

Ukrainian refugees fleeing into Poland on the train hearing the gospel message of Jesus.These moments sometime became very intimate where it would lead to us laying hands on people and praying which led to God delivering these people in mighty ways.